A Great Way To Make Use Of Rainwater

We use water for so many reasons, the most obvious one being to survive. But we also use water throughout our home to flush our toilets, take a bath and wash the dishes. In addition, we need water to keep our plants alive and healthy, and you’d be surprised by how much water we used to irrigate our gardens (up to 40 percent of our total household water use). All that water use can make our utility bills add up, and we can sometimes be forced to cut back on how much water we use when severe droughts hit. However, there is a way you can use water more efficiently, cut back on your bills and keep your garden in great shape.


Many people find that rainwater harvesting is extremely beneficial, and you can start now by installing a water tank in your garden. Watertanks provide a safe storage place for the rainwater that’s collected on your roof and in your gutter systems, and they provide the perfect source of water for domestic and commercial irrigation purposes. In addition, you can purchase a product that’s coloured to suit the style of your home.

Making Efficient Use of Water

Naturally, you might be a little sceptical about how useful a tank can be. Most of us don’t appreciate just how much water we can collect from our roof, but you’d probably be surprised to find out it’s an astonishing amount.

  • You water tank could be your primary source of water for irrigation – Melbourne is a city that on average endures over 20 inches of rainfall per year. While we mainly look forward to the sunny days, that’s a lot of water that you could be harvesting to keep your garden healthy. An average sized roof can collect more than 500 litres of water with just one inch of rain, so it’s easy to see just how useful a water tank could be.


  • Water tanks are available in a range of sizes – Water tanks vary in size, the smallest being able to store 26,000 litres and the largest upwards of 260,000 litres. The most reputable companies will gladly help you decide which size water tank is most suitable for your needs.
  • They’re made to last – Modern water tanks can last up to 60 years or more with a bit of maintenance, and a good manufacturer will almost certainly offer a decent warranty. You might want to look for a warranty of at least 20 years so you can be truly confident in the quality of the product.

There are many more advantages to installing a water tank at your property, such as the fact that you’ll be helping the environment and they can help reduce the negative effects of flooding. Many homeowners in Australia are choosing to purchase this product because of its umbrella of benefits, and you can be rest assured it won’t ruin your home’s image because they’re available in a range of colours to suit any property.